Prismatic Pixelmon


The latest server updates & infomation.

0.2. Changelog (26th September)

Sep 26, 2017 22:47

Moved to a new host, should hopefully perform better.
Fixed voting! Yes, finally.
Potential Fix to Forum crashes.
Updated GriefPrevention
Updated LuckPerms
Added Fossil Cleaner to Shop

Please remember to vote, we hope to bring some activity back to the server with voting.
Please reply with any feedback on what we should add/change in future updates.

We're Back!

Sep 02, 2017 00:01

To my great relief, the server will be staying open and is currently in the process of being rebuilt, you can expect the server to be up and ready again very soon and I will inform you all via the news section of the forum.


We're Back!


Aug 04, 2017 20:44

TL;DR, Prismatic Pixelmon will be shutting down on the 19th of August 2017.

It's been a good few months running Prismatic, but ever since the pixelmon team ceased development and took the mod off their website, the playerbase has declined and it simply isnt feasible to keep the server running anymore.

I have run my fair share of servers now and I will most likely not be making a new one due to time constraints and just a general loss of interest in minecraft.

I would like to say thank you...